Markham Hearing Centre is pleased to announce that Speech and Hearing Month is here! Throughout the month of May, events will take place across the country to raise awareness of speech and hearing disorders. Speech and Hearing Month gives us the chance to remind all our patients that we are here for you if you need us. We recommend a hearing aid checkup and a hearing test every year to ensure that there are no changes and that your current hearing aid is working to its full potential. In addition, Speech and Hearing Month is a great opportunity to bring up the subject of better hearing with friends and family that may benefit from having their hearing tested. If you’ve noticed a family member listening to the television too loud, now is the opportunity to mention that Markham Hearing Centre is providing free hearing tests all month (just mention the promotional code HEARING when booking your appointment). With our new ‘Refer a Friend’ Program, your referral will receive a free hearing test and a rebate of $150 dollars towards each hearing aid. And for referring, you will receive a $50 gift card to any retailer of your choice should your referral purchase a hearing aid.